Environmental Instruments Canada Inc. provides various operational radiation safety solutions to the uranium mining industry. If you are involved in uranium mining, we can provide you services in:

  • Radiation protection programs and procedures tailored for the specific needs of individual uranium mining projects.
  • Radiation safety training for supervisory staff and for workers.
  • Web-based database for tracking and controlling worker radiation exposures.
  • Calculations of shielding and ventilation requirements for uranium mining facilities.
  • Radiation safety audits.
  • General consulting services with respect to uranium mining industrial issues.
  • On-site radiation safety staff.

We also manufacture and distribute the TM372B and TM372++ Portable Sample Counters, the CT007-R Radon Progeny detector, Direct Reading Gamma Dosimeters (DRD's) and CT007 series radiation detectors for measuring and monitoring radiation contamination levels. We also built and maintain WebRad, an online radiation data management system, to keep track of all your radiation and contaminant data.

To select detectors for your mining site needs, please visit our Detector Selection Guide

We are also proud to offer our free On-Line Uranium Radiation Toolkit as a public service.