CT007 Radiation Detector

The CT007 line of radiation detectors comprises instruments based on new radiation detection technology, using silicone photomultipliers. These detectors offer superior radiation detection performance, yet are smaller and more cost effective than current technology.

The CT007 line of radiation detectors can function as stand-alone radiation detectors, or they can can wirelessly connect to Android, iOS, or Blackberry smartphones. Once connected, the smartphone provides a rich user interface and data interpretation for non- technical users.

Radiation data can be logged to the smartphone, with GPS coordinates and time stamps, and also relayed to a central command station, facilitating an informed, coordinated response to a radiological incident.

When two CT007 radiation detectors are connected to the smartphone at the same time, the phone uses relative intensities of the individual detectors to compute the direction of the source.

Please visit http://www.gammawatch.com/ for more detail information of CT007.

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