Environmental Instruments Canada Inc. staff and associates have more than 40 years combined operational experience in radiation safety, occupational hygiene and ventilation in the uranium industry and public service. We have worked with all the operating uranium mines in Saskatchewan,Canada as well as on uranium projects in Mongolia, Kazakhstan and the United States. These projects range from exploration to decommissioning.

We manufacture and distribute the CT007 line radiation detectors, Radon Sniffers and the TM372B and TM372++ Portable Sample Counters and maintain Webrad, an online radiation data management system. We provide:

  • Radiation Measuring Equipment
  • Radiation protection programs and procedures tailored for the specific needs of individual uranium projects.
  • Radiation safety training for supervisory staff and for workers.
  • Web-based database for tracking and controlling worker radiation exposures.
  • Calculations of shielding and ventilation requirements for uranium facilities.
  • Radon surveys and trouble shooting elevated radon levels.
  • Radiation safety audits.
  • Assistance and advice on regulatory matters.
  • Assistance with radiation protection issues in feasibility studies and environmental impact statements.
  • General consulting services with respect to radiological issues.
  • On-site radiation safety staff

In short, if your project deals with radiation detection, we can help you with the radiation aspects of it.