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Uranium Radiation Safety Toolkit v2.0

Radon Progeny Measured Using the Rolle Method 

In this method, an air sample is drawn through a filter for 5 minutes. The filter is then placed in a portable alpha counter.  The filter is counted for 3 minutes at 7 minutes after the sample stop time (12 minutes after sample start time).

  Input Fields Calculated Fields   
Enter the sample pump flow rate (L/min): Bq/m3 Po-218 Busigin Method  
Enter the efficiency of the TM372 counter (or equivalent): Bq/m3 Pb-214 Busigin Method 
Self Absorption Factor  Bq/m3 Bi-214 Busigin Method 
Enter the background count rate of the counter (CPM):  WL Busigin Method   
Enter the gross counts for the 3 minute count:  WL Rolle Method
  Bq of Radon per m3 at



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Extremely Fast Radon Detection