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     Uranium Radiation Safety Toolkit v2.0

Changes and Corrections

November 1, 2007: Changed the decay constant of Bi-214 from 5.58e-4to 5.85e-4 in all radon models (Closed Chamber Model (Time), Mine Tunnel (Concentration), Mine Tunnel (Flux), Single Chamber Model, Double Chamber Model, Double Chamber Model (Short), Complex Mine Model) . The original value was probably a typo. The error introduced by this typo was small (~ a few percent maximum).

March 11, 2008: Added Kusnetz Method.

May 25, 2008: Changed name from "Radon Toolkit" to "Uranium Radiation Safety Toolkit" to reflect the addition of gamma shielding and LLRD calculators.

September 14, 2008: Added professional version of the Complex Mine Model where the limit of 20 branches is removed.

March 9, 2009: Sponsor changed from GammaWatch to WebRad 

June 7, 2009: Increased results box size on rectangular slab calculator in JavaShield to be big enough to display typical U ore results.

May 7, 2010: Added Radon Gas Measurement by Delayed Count.

December 15, 2011: Added Radon Released by a Water Inflow.


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