JavaShield Gamma Radiation Dose Rate Calculator

Calculates the shield thickness required to achieve a given dose rate with a cylindrical drift gamma source.

Enter parameters and click the "Calculate" button below.
Numbers can be entered in exponential notation: 5 10-6 = 5e-6

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Basic Geometry (complete first)

Advanced Setup (optional)


Drift Diameter


  Position of receptor Ax =
  r =
Source Length (cm)   Source Extends from Ax = to
Fraction of cylinder in ore   r = to
Source Depth (cm) (for U ore use 100 cm or less)  
Number of Shield layers (Make this selection first. Changing this resets all other parameters to default):
Number of Integration steps in Ax

Gamma dose factor [Sv/Gy]


Select the ore grade by changing either the % U3O8 or % U values below. Source Parameters
Enter the grade of the ore in % U3O8:
or enter the grade of the ore in % U: rhoso - Source density [g/cm3]
Enter the % solids of the slurry (Enter 100 for dry ore): Element/Nuclide wt_% *Bq/g Element/Nuclide wt_% *Bq/g Element/Nuclide wt_% *Bq/g
      Build Up Material

Target Dose Rate Parameters
Target Dose Rate (uSv/h)
Shielding Thickness Step Size (cm)

The calculation may take several minutes depending on the number of integration steps chosen.


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